Stichting Learning by Outdoor and Experience (SLOE)

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Type of organization Non-profit organization
Is the partner organization a public body? No
Is the partner organization a non-profit? Yes

Background and Experience

Please briefly present the partner organisation.

Stichting Learning by Outdoor and Experience (SLOE) is an NGO.

Gerrit Onstein, boardmember,  has build this organisation on 30 years of experience in working with youth, youngsters, educational organizations and outdoor-related programms  .

Main goals of the organisation are developing, organizing and fascilating of (outdoor)programms for

  • Personal development
  • Team-development-
  • Training/coaching.

Al the activitys are based on outdooractitys, learning by experience the outdoorway.  Projects are organized national as wel as international. Outdooractivities are translated to personal competentions which can be used for personal and/or team/group develoment .

Mission and vision of SLOE.

Learning by experince, the outdoor way

This you will find in almost all sections of SLOE. It is an essential part of the method used. This has been built after years of work including working with problematic behaviour of young people, with the guidance of (professional) teams during individual counselling of young people.

Targeting of outdoor activities is our mission ..

Bring people / groups in a, for them, unknown situation / environment. Thus, skills, talents and abilities addressed by the participants which they previously did not know they had it. The spacious experiences we gained at home and abroad (among others France, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Russia, Georgia, Nepal, Croatia) have given us the assurance that the “outdoor” means is a strong instrument. People and groups move, not only physically, but also mentally.

Each man learns from his experiences. Success Experiences are an unprecedented incentive to be as successful as possible in society. Teams will each learn differently and better, and therefore perform better and communicate. Team leaders will better understand the capabilities and talents in their team.

We make personal barriers clear and then go into an individual program.

SLOE is specialized to use this agent in a targeted and effective way to retrieve the hidden qualities of people.

Key elements of SLOE are:

  • flexibility;
  • small scale and personal involvement;
  • programs are delivered tailor-made;
  • experience with outdoor activities for specific purposes;
  • expert guidance.

Activity’s of SLOE:

SLOE gives the opportunity to youth delegates from different countries to work on various social

development themes. These themes are covered through general training and personal and group-development , and they include but are not limited to: a culture, entrepreneurship, intercultural, communication, heritage protection,  environmental protection, equal opportunities, anti-racism, healthy lifestyles, youth behaviour, youth initiatives, youth employment, youth sports, social work, and youth leadership.

SLOE works to

  • Provide youth with learning opportunities and facilitate change in the community by using tools of informal education, mostly outdoor-related activity’s
  • Develop young people to become aware of what they need to learn, plant mutual understanding between young people from different social religious and ethnic.
  • Create projects that inspire young people and provide opportunities to gather people to work together for social change.
  • Provide opportunities to groups of young people with mixed backgrounds ,to live an inspiring experience and try different volunteer jobs ,thereby benefiting by interacting with new people learning languages , and exploring.

We use outdoor-activity’s to give participants the opportunity to discover, develop and learn from there unknown 21th century skills, as there are: Learning Skills;

  • Critical Thinking ;
  • Creative Thinking;
  • Collaborating ;
  • Communicating.
  • Literacy Skills:
  • Information Literacy;
  • Media Literacy ;
  • Technology Literacy
  • Life Skills:
  • Flexibility;
  • Initiative;
  • Social Skills;
  • Productivity;
  • Leadership.

Skills of key-staff.

Trainer/instructor has worked since the early ‘90’s in many  local and international projects, as well on many activates with social work and education (formal and non-formal). We are experienced in  manage the activates in a non-formal way , train volunteers/professionals and working toward to achieve the objectives of SLOE in several train the trainer projects, national and international.

SLOE organization builds high performance teams of each project. It organizes, and works with participants from 15-50 per project.

The strengths of SLOE organization that works seriously on addressing issues with global and development mindset-SLOE Focuses on raising awareness of young people and youngsters who are socially excluded on the basis of their status , life choices or beliefs ,bringing together a culturally diverse youth body that would inspire and encourage growth for generations to come.


  • Canadian woodstravel and survivalinstructor
  • CSWI Level 1 and 2, IGA Apprentice Interpreter
  • Advanced rope rescue
  • Basic Wilderness First Aid
  • Search and Rescue
  • Developmental Psychology / Psychopathology
  • Outdoor Sports Instructor

Extensive national and international experience

Extensive national and international experience in the guidance and instruction of groups and courses in:

  • The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Georgia, Spain, Germany, France, Finland, Nepal Egypt.
  • Seminar for orthopedagogics
  • Special Education Course
  • Mountains 101, Universaty alberta, online course
  • Developmental psychology / psychopathology

Legal representative

Title Mr
Gender Male
First name Gerrit
Family name Onstein
Position Chief of board
Telephone 1 +31-681890625

Contact person

Title Mr
Gender Male
First name Gerrit
Family name Onstein
Position Chief of board
Telephone 1 +31-681890625
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