Mindsetting, the outdoor way

Do you want to set new goals for yourself or your organisation for the coming year? Are you really ready for new insights about yourself?

Have you ever wondered how it would be to survive in nature and to depent on yourself? Would you like to try that? In this micro adventure you will learn how to travel through nature, how to navigate and how to make a comfortable place to stay. We will take you on a program that will seem like an adventure movie. You’ll probably experience nature in a way you haven’t done before. The program forces you to actively participate, to learn from nature, to act, taste and feel.

Back to nature as an effective development method.
This expedition brings you much closer to yourself than any other management training you have followed before. The awareness of what is really important, will immediately become clear without using a lot of words about it.

You also learn very quickly when it comes to it. Those who went before you never thought that outdoor would be such a development tool. Are you safe? Do you have the right expertise around you? Do you choose the right direction? Are you doing the right things? Do you have the right skills to survive? Are you in contact with your survival energy?Just a few questions that come up and that you are thrown back on into during such a survival trip.

The theme of this program is:


This is how a program can look like.

On day one we will gather a cup of coffee and some goodies at a location to be determined in the Achterhoek or Twente. We start with general instructions and basic technical skills you will need throughout the rest of the programme.

Think about this:

  • Making a fire without a lighter
  • Orientation with map compass
  • Bivouacking with primitive means
  • Rope techniques
  • putting of traps or bows

Then we go out and we teach you how to find your own way, but also how to build a camp and eat and make fire.

The composition of the programme is such that it should be physically feasible for everyone, provided that there are not too much physical limitations that transportation on site will become too problematic.

This micro adventure takes place in the nature of the border area Achterhoek/Twente/Germany. Nature here is robust and endless. And you can feel that immediately when you are there. It is a rugged area with visible traces of the last ice age. With an endless horizon, ever-changing skies, beautiful water features, varied forests, swamps and moorlands with surprising vistas and a rich flora and fauna. So lots of space for nature and visitors.

You learn the skills from Gerrit Onstein. In addition to being a professional adventurer, he specialises in experience-based education. Like no other, he is able to teach you what you need to survive when it really matters.

In addition, specialists in specific fields can be deployed on request.

Duration of the programme:

– Programmes are offered in modules, which can vary from 12 hours to 36 hours. We also have our specials (click through)

Minimum group size 5 persons, maximum 10 persons.

Costs on request, including food, drinks, use of various navigation aids, climbing equipment, bivouac equipment.

We will be satisfied if you go home with the feeling that you have worked, that you have learned a lot and that you see a forest with different eyes from now on. That you have a story to tell about what really matters into survival and that you know how it works.

Health and Fitness

We assume that you are mentally and physically healthy. Please report any injuries, allergies or other specificities in advance to the instructors.

No extreme condition or effort is required.

At the end of the course

  • Do you get a certificate of participation
  • Will the ‘Survival set’ become your property

No fire? No hog

Duration and content of program:
– In consultation and depending on the demand.

Instruction hard skills:
– orientation with map/compass/GPS;
– various rope and knot techniques:
– instruction fire making without lighter, with various basic materials.

A scenario execution.
Outside in the field we work with a so-called scenario. During this activity all learned techniques come together. We end the day with outdoor cooking, preparing a meal together on an open fire. But is there no fire made at the end, …………………..?

Objectives that can be set:
– The participants gain insight into their own motives and act in an environment and assignments unknown to them.
– The participants gain insight into their role and perception of how they see themselves and within an organization.
– The participants gain insight into the strength and weaknesses of the team as a whole.
– Participants gain insight and experience with their collaboration style in an environment outside the “comfort zone
– The participants learn to work together in an unfamiliar environment with assignments that appeal to their natural leadership that goes beyond professional behavior

Competences that can be worked on and can be evaluated:
– Troubleshooting/analytical ability
– Working together
– Communication skills
– Leadership development
– Creativity
– Curiosity
– Initiative
– Perseverance
– Adaptability.

The art of survival

Gaining insight into what leadership means to you in a unique way? Where are the competencies and motive grounds of my/our team?

The art of Anique and Outrac brings art and outdoor together through special arrangements to get to work with. The day is completely arranged for you, including lunch and a meal prepared on open fire.

Outrac provides a challenging program that invites you to think about your leadership qualities. Under the guidance of the art of Anique, these experiences are then displayed in a unique project. Interested in this special way of working on your leadership qualities?

Feel free to contact us.

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