Cursus: Outdoor as a means

If you want to implement outdoor learning within your organization, this course is for you.

Content and duration are tailor-made for your organization and tailored to your needs.

The course teaches you to use outdoor activities effectively in a simple way, especially for specific target groups, competence-oriented work and experiential learning.

Customization: applicability within your school or institution

Examples include adults / children with behavioral problems, as part of care provision programs, coaching or in the context of appropriate education.

During this course we deal with the theory on the backgrounds of experiential learning, competence-oriented work and observing and reporting

However, the emphasis will be on the practical part. . We mainly look at the applicability within your school or institution.

Which activities can be applied easily and for what purpose. For example, how can you easily turn a walk into an adventure and experience for your participants in your own environment?

Course duration: we adjust to your needs.

Price on request

Participants: minimum 4

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