I visited the following countries for various projects:

France, Wales, Finland (Lapland), Russia, Canada, Croatia, Georgia, Egypt, Nepal, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Spain, Armenia, India


These projects have given me the certainty that the “outdoor medium” is a very strong instrument. Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and insight. People and groups get in motion, not only physically, but also mentally. I use the means in a goal-oriented and effective way to bring out the hidden qualities of people. This provides new insights for the future in an effective way.

My goal with Outrac is to let people learn from their experiences. Positive experiences are an unprecedented stimulus to be as successful as possible in society.

Teams get to know each other in a different and better way, and therefore function and communicate more effectively afterwards. Team leaders gain better insight into the capacities and talents present within their team.

If you choose me, you can count on:

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