Adventure travel with Outrac

During the many projects I have done abroad, a huge network has been built up. By working mainly with locals during these projects, you get to know the countries with their customs, rituals and cultures in a way that the regular tourist will not easily experience. In a number of the trips, a link will be made with a volunteer project. We do something for the local population and in return they  show us their country.

Frame with space for personal interpretation

A frame will be offered for all trips, with enough space for a personal interpretation. The groups will be kept as small as possible, minimum 6 and maximum 10 people. This will depend on the type of trip. The trips are offered as complete as possible, but we do not block it completely to give yourself enough space.

Not included in the trips:
– Airline tickets;
– Travel insurance;
– Vaccinations;
– Extra nights, extra food, drinks.

The starting point must be:

  • Adventurous;
  • Impactful;
  • Small-scale:
  • Together with locals;
  • Flexible.

Are you traveling with us?

The following destinations are being worked on:
– Georgia, trekking through the Caucasus
– India, trekking in Indian Himalyan.

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