To get to know your inside out

with Gerrit Onstein - Outrac

Outrac - to get to know your inside out

Here I use my skills to work with you and/ or your team in a way to achieve your goals.

During my programs you find out that certain skills, talents and abilities of yours are being addressed. Skills, talents and abilities you were not aware of.

This is what I do in my own and authentic way. Based on extensive experience, gained during many projects in the Netherlands but certainly also abroad.

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The way I work

Experiential learning is an important pillar in almost all my processes.

This is an active method, which involves doing activities to help gain experiences that can contribute to solving a problem. 

People develop fastest when together experiencing how something works, then look back on it, learn how it can be done differently and try out new behavior from there.

Recurring themes are, for example, ‘communication skills’ or ‘team effectiveness’ and these are included in a program.

The activities and environment offered are a perfect metaphor for the daily practice of the participants.


Activities that can be part of a program:

  • various construction/ collaboration assignments;
  • orientation/communication assignments in various forms;
  • adventurous trips (national/international);
  • going on bivouac with primitive means;
  • various bush-craft elements.

Meet Gerrit Onstein

These are just a few of the possibilities

The various components are often combined in a so-called “scenario”. The duration can vary from a part of the day to several days. Each part is offered under expert guidance and composed in consultation.

We also try to find an answer to the following questions:

  • What is the problem and what has contributed to that problem?
  • How do people look at the problem themselves and what has been done so far to find a solution?
  • What are the mutual expectations of the proposed process?

If desired, additional support can be deployed by, for instance:

  • psychomotor therapy;
  • special pedagogic trajectories;
  • HR coaching

During an introductory meeting we discuss the situation you are in and determine the goals you want to achieve.

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